New ways to bring the message

August 17, 2015 in Patrick Muldoon

Pope Francis encourages all Christians to announce the joy of the Gospel. Digital Evangelisation is about bringing the message of the Gospel to the frontiers of the Internet. The internet is an ideal place for meeting people where they are, in the midst of their human lives. People are searching for information on the Internet, they’re also searching for belonging and for meaning. Therefore Christians can invite others who are searching for something deeper and more meaningful in life to encounter the presence of God through the online platforms of the web and social media.

The Christian message is one of hope and joy. This positive message can counteract the negative messages that can sometimes be heard through the modern media. Internet evangelisation should propose the joy of the Gospel and the message of encountering an all-loving God. If this message is communicated in a positive way it can lead people to begin a spiritual journey of encountering God and experiencing a personal relationship with him. Particular attention should be given to the delivery of the message so that it is clear and concise. As Christians trying to be relevant and to bring the Church online, it is important to communicate the love of God for all people.

I have the joy of communicating the Gospel through my work with Sacred Space. This prayer website helps people to encounter the presence of God through online daily prayer. Users of Sacred Space take time out to encounter God’s presence and reflect on how the Word of God is relevant to them in their lives with the aid of scripture and inspiration points specially chosen for each day. Sacred Space is available in 22 languages which shows to me the relevance of Christian faith and the willingness of people from all around the world to participate in online evangelisation.