Belvedere hosts conservationists

July 8, 2008 in General, News

Belvedere28 years ago the then rector of Belvedere joined a group of local residents concerned with preserving what was left of Georgian glories in that corner of Dublin. On Tuesday 8th July as we go to press, they are meeting in Belvedere House to look back on a generation of hard work. Our local TD Bertie Ahern will be there, with Harold Clarke, Maurice Craig, David Norris, and some seventy others. Paul Andrews, who was rector in 1980, will introduce the evening, reflecting on the huge investment of the Jesuit community in maintaining the splendour of Belvedere House. We invested also in the schooling of a wordy young man called Joyce, by teaching him and paying his and his brothers’ fees for five years. As David Norris will be pointing out, it was a worthwhile investment. James learned his classics well and wrote a couple of his own.