Clongowes SciFest 2024

March 15, 2024 in News

The annual SciFest STEM fair at Clongowes Wood College SJ took place on February 22 2024 in the Science, Art, and Technology building.

The event was attended by fellow students, staff, and external judges. A diverse range of projects was showcased on topics such as sleep analysis, how nettle stings work, the impact of supporters on sports events, blade designs impact on wind turbine effectiveness and what happens when we dream.

The overall winner this year was Eli John Kiernan for his project entitled “Does the height of a bowler affect how they bowl in relation to bowling style and the number of wickets per innings?”. The students’ choice winner was Zack O’Leary who asked “How educated are we on the health benefits of fermentation?”.

Founder and CEO of SciFest, Sheila Porter said, “The projects presented were of a high standard and the enthusiasm of the students when presenting clearly demonstrated their significant learning and sense of achievement”.

Ms Nolan, elements academic year head and teacher of science and biology. has spearheaded the SciFest for STEM at Clongowes. She announced the winners at an award ceremony on Wednesday 28 February.

Jack Shannon is the current National SciFest Champion and he will go to the USA to represent Ireland in May 2024.  Jack and the school captain, Matthew Kelly attended this year’s SciFest to encourage and congratulate all of the participants.