Is that too much to pray for?

February 20, 2006 in General, News

Is that too much to pray for?Gerry Clarke explains how a small group of young adults in Slí Eile have become determined to examine their faith without flinching at the big questions which life and the media throw at us.

Bus shelters everywhere ask “does the Church deserve absolution?” And it’s the first question that jumped to mind when a small group of young people gathered at the JCC to prepare a theology workshop.

But it wasn’t the final choice of topic. Switching our brains into overdrive a small group of six generated a list of possible topics for discussion. Questions like: Is shopping the new religion? Has Ferns affected people’s faith? Do fundamentalists give the Church a bad name? Are we using religion as an excuse? Do people who go to Mass live better lives?

But the unanimous vote went to questions about prayer. Does it make a difference? What is prayer? Why Pray? Who do we pray to? Can you pray for anything? Is meditation prayer? Can God fix it? Is God your flexible friend?

The workshop, which is called Faith Understood Together, takes place during February at Slí Eile. It is an attempt to penetrate a little bit further into burning questions that need a bit more time. With the help and guidance of theologian Gerry O’Hanlon SJ, our discussions will go up a gear. Our hope is that FUT will bring us just a little bit closer to some answers. Or is that too much to pray for?

Faith Understood Together
21st February
Slí Eile Mews