Mother Teresa’s Advent

December 5, 2023 in Featured News, News

Dr John Scally, author and journalist, is one of the few people in Ireland with whom St Teresa of Calcutta, better known as Mother Teresa, corresponded. He met with her in February 1993 when he was a young journalist. She was in Dublin being presented with the Freedom of the City.

In this interview from our Religious Network News archives, John speaks about his book Mother Teresa on Advent and Christmas. He says that she was a woman who inspired and amazed people everywhere, and even the great Gay Byrne was unnerved by her! Click here to listen to the interview with Miriam Gormally, Director of Soulwaves/RNN »

John talks about how ‘blown away’ he was by the fact that she returned his correspondence and how it sealed his life-long interest in this remarkable woman whose work had a massive impact on helping the poorest of the poor everywhere.

He explains how her Irish connection makes her so relevant to us and that she was originally inspired as a young girl by hearing stories of Loreto nuns working amongst the poor.

He also talks of her doubts, struggles, and questions, even as she exemplified the most Christian of lives. This interview took place shortly after Jonathan Corrie, who was homeless, was found dead near the Dáil in December 2014.

Mother Teresa on Advent and Christmas can be purchased here »