Ode to Brigid

January 23, 2024 in Featured News, News

On February the first 2024 people from Ireland and indeed across the world will celebrate the Feast of Saint Brigid of Ireland. Since 2023 there has been a new annual Irish public holiday to mark this occasion and it falls on the first Monday in February. This year 6 February.

Listen to Nóirín Ni Riain, sing Ode to Bridget, on the RNN archives from 2019. This song features on the album Celtic Soul by Nóirín which draws from the well of the Sean Nós (old style) tradition. ‘Ode to Bridget’ is a celebration of Saint Brigid’s contribution to Ireland, Christianity and earth.

Saint Brigid of Ireland is one of the most revered figures in Irish history and the Catholic Church. Born in the fifth century, she is celebrated as a powerful symbol of Irish spirituality, compassion, and charity.

Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saints, alongside Saint Patrick and Saint Columba, and her legacy continues to inspire people around the world. According to tradition, Brigid was born into a noble family in Faughart, near Dundalk, around 451 AD. She was known for her generosity and dedication to helping those in need and she is often associated with miracles and acts of healing.

Brigid is also remembered for her deep affinity with nature and her association with springtime and fertility. She is often invoked for her protection of livestock and her ability to bring about the arrival of spring. In Irish folklore, Brigid is associated with various symbols, including the cross of Saint Brigid, which is woven from reeds and represents the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world. Saint Brigid’s Cloak, also known as ‘Brat Bhride’ would be laid on the ground and miraculously expand to accommodate those seeking refuge.

Brigid established a monastery in Kildare, where she served as an abbess. The monastery became a center of learning, spirituality, and craftsmanship, and it was said that a sacred flame burned continuously in Kildare, tended by Brigid and her nuns. This flame came to symbolize Brigid’s enduring spirit and her connection to the divine.

Saint Brigid’s feast day, February 1st, is celebrated as Saint Brigid’s Day in Ireland. Pilgrims travel to sites associated with Brigid, and her legacy continues to be honored through various traditions and customs. Today, Saint Brigid remains a beloved figure whose spirit embodies the values of compassion, generosity, and devotion to others.

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