Two for the road

October 20, 2005 in General, News

John Dunne and John HumphreysJohn Dunne was present for a double-bash to send off John Humphreys before he moved over to Galway to take up his new post as rector of St. Ignatius.

Double farewell parties were held to help John Humphreys beam himself over as Rector of St. Ignatius in Galway for his second coming.

In Loyola House, a modest gathering of 23 representatives of his many friends had a lovely buffet dinner on August 26th. The principle speaker was the Provincial who challenged others to cap his well crafted accolade on John. The challenge was take-up, to John’s dismay. But words still failed to capture the breath and depth of his contribution to our lives and workings.

John’s brother-in-law, Paddy Meagher generously hosted a wonderful lunch on Saturday, 10th September in Da Vincenzo’s Restaurant. This time there were 30 more-or-less other representatives of John’s friends, family and apostolates, including Camino walkers! John’s heart-felt thanks was nicely rounded off with poetic lines. But he did not get away without further reference to his so many attributes and dedicated generosity.

Best of wisdom and energy John, as you take up your new role in Galway.