Jesuit centre’s ‘independent and critical voice’

November 6, 2019 in Featured Podcasts, News

Ciara Murphy and Keith Adams speak to Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications about their new roles at the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice. Both staff members, who started in June 2019, appreciate their work within the Jesuit tradition that allows them to go to the very marginalised of society. They both highlight the centre’s ability to act as an independent, critical voice.

Ciara is environmental policy advocate at the Jesuit centre. Her role includes working with other coalitions to lobby the government for good environmental policy and writing articles for the centre’s website and Messenger magazine. She has a PhD in her related field and sees research as a vital component of her work, but is also passionate about changing perspectives on the environment among the general public through her advocacy work.

Keith, who is social policy advocate, oversees penal reform and housing policy at the centre. He produces original research and his advocacy role includes making formal submissions regarding government policy as well as writing articles for various publications. He feels very much drawn to JCFJ’s focus on faith and justice and enjoys the collaborative nature of the job – working with Ciara on the environment and Kevin Hargaden on economic justice.

Listen to the podcast interview above.