Love is not a feeling

July 18, 2023 in Featured News, Featured Podcasts, News

One of the favourite readings for couples having a Catholic wedding ceremony is St Paul’s hymn to love,1Corinthinans 13. Australian Jesuit Richard Leonard poses a challenge to the bride and groom who ask for this to be read on their wedding day which causes some of them to change their mind about their choice!

In this interview with Pat Coyle based on his latest book The Law of Love, Richard Leonard SJ explains his challenge and also reveals some of the not-so-loving songs couples have chosen for their special day.

He also tells the result of an extensive survey of couples in Australia whose marriages have stood the test of time. They were asked for three key ingredients that meant their marriage was a ‘good’ one. Two of the responses might be expected he says. The third both surprised and gratified him.