Third Cycle: Two Dead Israelites

March 21, 2019 in Mad Messiah, News

The Third Cycle – Two Dead Israelites – is about manhood and I am not sure if it is satirical or simply accurate. In the audio version you will hear an American accent. Only as I wrote these poems did I realize that Samson came from the Wild West and that Jesus of Nazareth’s Galilean accent was reminiscent of Elvis. Who would have thought it?

Listen to me reading the full Third Cycle below. If you would prefer to listen to any one specific poem in the cycle, see the links further down. Click first for PDF (left column) and then for Audio (right column).

Download PDF of Part III »


Manoah’s Wife »

The Lion’s Throat »

The Bridal Song »

Flaming Rattle Snakes »

Jawbone Hill »

The Horses of Philistine City »

Delilah on the Phone »

Brooding Might »

The Dove »

The Whip »

My Wild Samaritan »

The Bread »

Stones »

The Gates of Jerusalem »

My Father’s Vine »

The Cloth »