Latest Studies marks Reformation anniversary

December 20, 2017

There is some truth in the idea of the Tudor Reformation as a kind of 16th-century religious Brexit, according to articles in the latest Studies

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Remembering the Great War chaplains

June 21, 2017

At a recent centenary commemoration, archivist Damien Burke spoke about the Irish Jesuit chaplains at Messines, Flanders, including Fr Willie Doyle

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Saint Claude de la Colombière and Sacred Heart devotion in Ireland

February 1, 2017

It was the fruitful friendship of Saint Claude de la Colombière and Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque that spurred the development and popularity of the devotion to the Sacred Heart in...

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Saint Edmund Campion

January 25, 2017

One of many Catholics to suffer at the hands of the English government in the wake of Henry VIII’s separation from the Church of Rome, Saint Edmund Campion was forced...

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Jesuit interviews Scorsese on ‘Silence’

December 9, 2016

An deep and revealing interview with Martin Scorsese by Italian Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, on foot of the world premier of 'Silence'

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Archival riches in Rome

October 12, 2016

Fr Brian Mac Cuarta SJ, Director of the Archives of the central government for the worldwide Society of Jesus, was interviewed recently by Vatican Radio

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A good man remembered

September 28, 2016

Sir James Dombrain (1794-1871), who built the houses of the Jesuit Community on Leeson Street, was commemorated with a plaque at no. 36, on 23 September.

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Studies commemorates 1916

March 23, 2016

The Spring 2016 issue of 'Studies' contains many articles which probe the values and significance of the 1916 Rising.

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1916: Remembering the Rising

January 28, 2016

A number of Jesuit responses to this year's commemoration of the 1916 Rising have emerged in recent days, most notably Seamus Murphy SJ's critical view in the Irish Times.

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‘From Easter Week to Flanders Field’

April 15, 2015

John Delaney SJ walked the streets of Dublin during Easter Week 1916 and served as a chaplain in WWI. His story is told in Jesuit historian Thomas Morrissey's latest book.

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