Paul Andrews SJ

Why Mass should be called Mass, not Eucharist or Liturgy

September 18, 2007

Some Catholics tend to play down the term ‘Mass’ in favour of ‘Liturgy’ or ‘Eucharist’. Paul Andrews regrets this tendency. ‘Mass’, he argues, is more consonant with the culture of...

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Women with child

January 19, 2007

Paul Andrews stresses the need for people to perceive pregnancy positively and for society to respond compassionately to the needs of women at this vulnerable time of their lives, no...

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The opposite of stability

December 19, 2006

It is a grace, not a curse, to be born into an age of instability, argues Paul Andrews. Jesus himself sought to rock people in their comfortable worlds, and this...

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On holy ground

October 19, 2006

Paul Andrews reflects on what it means to him to be both priest and therapist. Both roles entail bringing people to good health, he says, and overall he is there...

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