A cannonball moment with Ignatian prayer

September 6, 2021 in Featured News, Featured Videos, The Ignatian Year

Spiritual Director Siobhan Murphy shares her ‘cannonball’ moment when she attended a prayer workshop for parents of Belvedere College students some years ago. She refers to the practice of Ignatian contemplation which involves imagining a Gospel scene while paying attention to senses and feelings. Later, she made a serious commitment to her faith which she continues to honour today. Click on the link below to watch the video ».

The ‘cannonball’ video series is a global Jesuit initiative to commemorate the 500th anniversary when Saint Ignatius of Loyola was struck by a cannonball in Pamplona on 20 May 1521.

People can watch other ‘cannonball’ videos in the video section of this website » and the Jesuit General Curia website in Rome ». Share the videos on social media using #ignatius500