GC35: beginning the second part

January 23, 2008 in General, News

Word from the SJ Press Office in Rome for 22 January:

With the election of the new Superior General completed, the General Congregation now takes up the second part of its duties : governance questions, postulates that have been submitted and other questions arising. To begin, the Congregation elected a Secretary and two Assistants. Father Mark Rotsaert (North Belgium) was elected Secretary with Fathers Ignacio Echarte (Loyola) and Thomas Smolich (California) were elected Assistants.

The Commission for Handling Business (Deputatio ad negotia) is composed of ten  members representing the ten Assistancies and was elected in the morning session. The members are: Jean-Roger Pascal Ndombi (West Africa), Ernesto Cavassa  (Peru), Arturo Sosa (Venezuela), George Pattery (Calcutta), Daniel P. Huang (Philippines), János Lukács (Hungary), Lluís Magriñá (Tarraconense), François-Xavier Dumortier (France), Frantisek Hylmar (Bohemia) and Thomas H. Smolich  (California).

Father General announced that the De statu Societatis Commission will continue to function and meet as necessary even though its report has been submitted. The De Statu Commission wrote the report on the status of the Society of Jesus for the Congregation.

A number of appointments were made by Father General on Tuesday morning including a Steering Committee and three moderators of general sessions. The members of the Steering Committee are: Ernesto Cavassa (Peru), François-Xavier Dumortier (France), George Pattery (Calcutta), Thomas H. Smolich (California). The three moderators of general assemblies will be: Lluis Magriñá (Tarraconense), Daniel P. Huang (Philippines) and Jean-Roger Pascal Ndombi (West Africa).