On The Way again

BRENDAN McMANUS SJ :: The 2010 movie ‘The Way’, with Martin Sheen, about pilgrims on the Camino has been re-released. It’s as fresh and poignant as ever.

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Living with remorse

BILL TONER SJ :: We can judge ourselves harshly and be plagued for years by the thought of past acts we are ashamed of. Should we not cut ourselves some slack?

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Ordaining women deacons

Thirty-six Popes were ordained as deacons but never as priests. Just one of the fascinating facts from Dr Phyllis Zagano, expert on the diaconate.

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Pedro Arrupe SJ

Not less than everything

It’s the 1960s and Fr General Pedro Arrupe SJ is faced with implementing the revolutionary changes in the church as envisioned by Vatican II. Brian Grogan tells the story.

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Final thoughts

Jesuit theologian Jim Corkery assesses the late Pope Benedict’s ‘conservatism’ regarding the role of women in the Church and other controversial issues.

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