Short notices

November 23, 2011 in General, News
  • egrace_tiger_03For an upbeat view of the country’s crisis, look at Edmond Grace SJ’s recent article in Eureka Street. Edmond has written extensively on political and social issues and is the author of Democracy and Public Happiness. Recently he wrote a series of articles for the Irish Times on Ireland’s three crises: banking, political and religious. He chairs the organising committee for the Venice Workshop on Faith and Politics, a joint collaboration of European Jesuits.
  • Despite misigivings about summing up the results of schooling (in school league tables, published this week) in statistics “that could be read off by a one-eyed colour-blind metre-reader” – as Schumacher described the points system – it is no harm to feel pleased that on the narrow criteria of Leaving Cert. Points and access to difficult third-level courses, Gonzaga heads the list, with Belvedere in the top 20 and Crescent in the top forty Irish schools.
  • Fr  Paddy Greene SJ will facilitate a”Dare to Dream” workshop, Friday 9th – Sunday 11th December 2011. Participants will be helped to explore how dreams point  to places of growth, healing and surprise. Topics also include recall of dreams, dreams in other cultures, death in dreams, dreams and health. There will also be time to work on dreams in the group setting. Contact Debbie Moore, Magis Irleand at 01 8880606 or visit the Magis Ireland website.
  • Frank Sammon SJ was the respondent to a paper on Teilhard de Chardin, given by Dr Deirdre Kinlen to a Patrician group on 21 November. The group’s high level of participation prompted Frank to take his Teilhardian studies further.
  • Magis Ireland – South Africa Volunteering Programme offers young people a chance to make a difference and they are looking for volunteers now for their 11th Aug – 25th 2012 programme. Applications forms now available on the Magis Ireland website. Closing date: 28 November. Contact Debbie Moore: 01 8880606.
  • Jesuit schools used to aim at giving pupils a Copia verborum, meaning a large supply of words. In our last issue, Belvedere boys had argued and charmed their way to the UCD L & H Mace. This week the focus is on Colaiste Iognaid: Third Year ‘Jes’ debaters Eoghan Finn and Daragh McCarthy debated against 80 school teams from around the country to win the prestigious All-Ireland Belvedere Mace. Congratulations. Vivat copia verborum!
  • Every Monday during Advent, beginning on 28th November, a reflection and prayer on the following Sunday’s gospel takes place from 6.00pm-6.45pm in the Ignatian Room, Gardiner St Church, Dublin 1. This will be led by Fr Donald Neary SJ and will begin with some background to the gospel and end with guided prayer on the gospel text. All are welcome.
  • Renowned literary scholar Professor Terry Eagleton will give a lecture on “Jesus and tragedy” in St Mary’s Church, Haddington Road, Dublin, on Thursday 1 December at 8pm. It is one in a series of lectures being organised by a Gonzaga alumnus, Judge Kevin Cross, and his committee.
  • Footnote:  Father Luis Archer, featured in the last AMDG Express, was proud of his Irish ancestry, being descended from a Kilkenny man who emigrated to Oporto in 1720 (to avoid the Penal Laws) and who married an Englishwoman he met in Portugal.