CÓIR and Caravaggio

August 25, 2009 in General, News

caravaggio_01When CÓIR, an organisation claiming Catholic credentials, issued a leaflet urging rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, it used a reproduction of Caravaggio’s Taking of Christ to illustrate the theme of betrayal. Noel Barber represents the Society in dealings about the Caravaggio, which belongs to the Jesuits, while on loan to the National Gallery. Noel asked CÓIR to cease issuing the flyer with the reproduction of the Caravaggio. This would require Jesuit permission, and our policy is not to give permission to use the painting for contentious matters. When no reply came within the time stipulated, Noel instructed his solicitor Mr. John O’Connor, who wrote to CÓIR in strong legal language. CÓIR apologised, and guaranteed that they would not use the image.