Father Adolfo meets the press

January 29, 2008 in General, News

nicolasa_press_01.jpgFrom the SJ Press Office, Rome: In view of the strong desire shown by the media for an ‘interview’ with Father General, Fr. General decided to meet the strong desire of the media for an ‘interview’ halfway. As this was not yet the moment for Father General to talk about the Congregation before he had received indications and even ‘mandates’, it was decided to invite the journalists for an encounter in which Father General would greet them and say a few words. No questions would be entertained. Around 65 journalists (three TV stations) accepted the conditions and came to meet him. Father General made a 20 minutes speech which was very well received. Then the journalists visited the aula of the Congregation.

You can find a translation of Father Nicolás’ talk, prepared by Vatican radio, in this PDF from SJ Press Office.