Jesus: social revolutionary?

April 8, 2008 in General, Media, News

mcverry_jesus.jpgThe Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice (JCFJ) has announced the publication of Jesus: social revolutionary? This new book is written by one of the JCFJ team, Peter McVerry SJ, and published by Veritas. Tony O’Riordan SJ, director of the JCFJ, states that the book is “an attempt to open a debate about the meaning of our faith and the Christian obligation to question how a society that, though incredible wealthy, continues to tolerate immense poverty and inequality.” The JCFJ have set up a special section on their website,, which contains extracts of the book and an interview with the author, Peter McVerry, on the background to the book.

The site will also provide a forum for readers to share their reactions. Writing in the Foreword, best selling Jesuit author Gerry W Hughes SJ writes, ” This book may seriously damage what is not infrequently considered to be Christian faith, lead you to a new sense of freedom, an increasing interest and wonder at the world around you, reveal to you a personal wealth that surpasses your wildest dreams, a wealth that no one can take from you, from which everyone can benefit, and which increases in value the more it is shared.” The book is published by Veritas and available in their bookshops or can be ordered through their website.