Jesuit following many stars

December 20, 2011 in General, News

consolmagno_01Christmas traditionally seems to have been a busy time for astronomers, from the Three Wise Men to the scientists of today who’ve just discovered a new planet, possibly very much like our earth, with its own sun and named after the telescope which spotted it – Kepler 22b. Guy Consolmango SJ is the Vatican astronomer who hails from the US and is based in Rome. On a recent visit to Dublin he met with Pat Coyle of the Jesuit Communication Centre. In a wide-ranging interview he talked to her about his job, the relationship between religion and science, the beauty of laws of science, angels, the nature of truth, evil, orginal sin, the immensity of God, the wonder of the cosmos, aliens (our ‘cousins’) and why Richard Dawkins is right (in a very limited way!). Listen here.