Meetings matter!

October 6, 2009 in General, News

meetings_matter_01“Eighty-five million meetings occur every day” according to Meetings Matter! by Brian Grogan SJ and Phyllis Brady: Veritas: 2009. Here is a practical, easy-to-use handbook on how to make the meetings in our lives more useful and painless. John Galbraith, in his book on the Great Crash, described the various reasons for meetings, including those whose function is to do no business. Power-brokers in one of Dublin’s great academic institutions have been known to shy away from any committee or meeting which has no control of cash. Grogan/Brady’s focus is different and distinctive: on the often ignored faith dimension of meetings. “Our thesis is that God is involved with groups, and uses our help to achieve the common good. We are, in fact, presenting a spirituality of meetings.”