Milltown launch HDip in Ethical Studies

June 19, 2006 in General, News

Milltown launch HDip in Ethical Studies As society changes, writes Kevin O’Reilly of the Milltown Institute, new ethical challenges are emerging for us all, and Milltown’s new diploma course in Ethical Studies is designed to help people meet these challenges

Recent years have witnessed a growing awareness of the need for a more developed ethical consciousness on the part of both individuals and corporate bodies in various fields and professions in Irish society. Many find it difficult to keep up with the rate of change in society, let alone reach considered and just decisions on issues relevant to their areas of professional practice. Most however would surely welcome some kind of guidance when facing such issues. The Faculty of Philosophy at the Milltown Institute (a recognised college of the National University of Ireland), responding to this need, will offer a Higher Diploma in Ethical Studies in the forthcoming academic year.

While offering a grounding in general ethical theories, the programme also focuses on ethical considerations in specific areas which will be of special interest to participants. Thus, for example, components will be offered in business ethics, bioethics, and media ethics. Other components include Philosophy of Law, and Political Theory and Ethics. The programme ought therefore to appeal particularly to those involved in business and finance, in communications and media, in politics, and in the medical and legal professions. Courses on Ethics and Society and Religion and Morality aim to sensitise participants to the ethical challenges brought about by ongoing changes in Irish society. One such challenge is the presence of other religious worldviews, in particular that of Islam.

The Higher Diploma in Ethical Studies will be of particular benefit to those whose work demands that they have a grasp of the ethical dimensions of their professions. Among the desired outcomes of participation in this course are (1) an appreciation of the ethical dimensions of various fields and the competence to address important ethical issues; (2) development of a moral sense that will enable the learner to act independently, professionally and ethically in various situations; and (3) formation of an informed ethical viewpoint that will enable the learner to engage in critical discussion of issues which arise in contemporary society.

The programme will be offered initially as an evening course, although some modules may also be taken during the day. It can also be taken on a full-time or part-time basis.

Further enquires are most welcome and should be directed to Dr Kevin E. O’Reilly. Telephone: +353-1-206 7794; Email: [email protected]