Mission think-in

November 11, 2008 in General, News

Irish Jesuit MissionsThese busy Jesuits, Murt Curry, Willie Reynolds, Kevin O’Rourke, Colm Brophy and Liam O’Connell were photographed in Thornhill by a sixth busy Jesuit, John Guiney, during a think-in to explore the purpose and role of the mission office, the different faces of mission in Ireland and abroad, and how the Irish Province can reach out to the different frontiers of mission over the next 5-10 years. How did they plan? Read more.This session is the first step in a strategic planning process that will include a wide consultation with people on mission, with our local and international partners and especially, with the Zambia/ Malawi Province and with the Provinces of the East where there is historical linkage. This is a time of change at home and abroad and the words support, connexion, building relationships, sharing resources and partnership were some of the words to speak of mission now and in the future. It was underlined that there is an enormous amount of good will and support of mission through the families of Jesuits and this needs to be nourished and channelled in the years ahead. Consultation with all the stakeholders of the mission office will continue to take place and the desired outcome is a five-year strategic plan for the mission office..