Peace building in Kenya

April 21, 2008 in General, News

mission_office.pngThe Jesuit Mission Office in Dublin has successfully secured funds from the Irish Missionary Resource Service (IMRS) to sponsor a project promoting peace and reconciliation among the people of Kenya. The project, run by the Jesuit Hakimani Centre in Nairobi, aims to rebuild trust and cooperation among the different tribal groups affected by the violence resulting from the elections of last winter. Initially, leaders will be trained in promoting peace and reconciliation, and then these will animate groups in the outlying towns and villages, particularly in the Rift Valley region of Western Kenya.

The project will be led by Fr. Elias Omondi SJ, one of the founder members of the Hakimani Centre, who has been involved in peace-building work for many years. The Kenya Emergency Fund was established by the IMRS in January to respond to the violence and displacement occurring after the disputed elections last year. This is the third grant of €15,000 obtained by the Irish Mission Office for the emergency in Kenya.