President visits Clongowes

October 26, 2011 in General, News

president“Clongowes Wood College has given a very special form of education for over 200 years.” So said President Mary McAleese on her recent visit to the school in the closing days of her presidency, Friday 7 October. She praised the hard work of those who fund-raised to build the magnficent new sports hall where she addressed pupils and staff, telling them: “The education you receive here is special because it reaches not only into your minds and intellects but also into your hearts and souls, introducing you to your unique, best selves.” She was told about the various projects the students are engaged in, including the teaching of English to refugees and their mission outreach to Lesotho. Quoting Seamus Heaney, she encouraged pupils to continue this work and build “a fairer, more decent, more just, more human world”. Click here to see her talk.