Ricci resources

June 1, 2010 in General, News

patclaffey_01After his lecture at the Matteo Ricci Conference in Gonzaga on 8 May, Antoni Üçerler SJ was asked if he could make his text available. He went one step further and prepared an elegant slide presentation, which allowed him to combine his own voice with the images he used at the conference. The result can be viewed on the homepage of Jesuit.ie. In this presentation Fr Antoni explains the great significance of Ricci, particularly on account of the depth of his ‘inculturation’, hundreds of years before that word had general currency. Also available now is the text of the introductory text of Patrick Claffey SVD, who used his own missionary experience as a basis for reflecting on Ricci’s iconic importance and on issues relating to mission in China today. Read the PDF here.