Short Notices

August 17, 2010 in General, News
  • tattersall_01Eyes on Olympics: Sam Watson and Barry McStay, who both left Clongowes in 2004, are training hard for the 3-Day Event in the  London Olympics of 2012. Sam rides Hoyo, a horse co-owned by Barry. Sam (left) and Barry are pictured here at the recent Tattersall International 3-Day Event, where Sam came fourth in an international field.
  • Riding the waves: Colaiste Iognaid, Galway, is proud of its past pupil, Ray Carroll, who has just rowed West to East across the Atlantic, cutting eleven days off the record. He learned his rowing in the Jes, starting as an 11-year-old.
  • Marathon Pioneers: This year, for the first time, the Pioneer Association will enter a designated race team in the Dublin City Marathon. They are hoping that other people associated with Jesuit apostolates will sign up for or support the Association’s entry for the 2010 Dublin City Marathon. 2010 Registration for the marathon is now open. The closing date for entries is Monday, 4 October.
  • Suffering: In Tokyo Bill Johnston SJ has been in bed for two years, paralysed, fed through a tube, unable to speak, read or write. Mostly he is sleeping. Heinz, his friend in the same house, writes: “My only hope is that he will not go to purgatory, but, on the contrary, will get a beautiful reward for saving so many souls thru his suffering. Sad not to be able to give you good news.”
  • Parish Listening Nights: Together with Nuala O’Loan, Alan McGuckian visits Belfast parishes where Nuala presents the bones of the Murphy Report (on clerical abuse in Dublin Archdiocese), and Alan presents the Pope’s Letter to the Irish Church. That is enough to trigger a lively conversation among the people gathered, while Alan and Nuala listen.
  • Exposure: Brian Grogan’s voice and face have been aired a lot this month. He spoke about renewal in the Irish Church, on RTE’s programme Would You Believe? The following day he felt famous when a friendly lady recognised and greeted him on the street. He talked about the Irish Church on The World Tonight, a BBC Radio 4 programme. Vatican Radio interviewed him on the relevance of Ignatius Loyola for today: this was broadcast on 31 July.