Teaching post in China

May 19, 2009 in General, News

sunyatsen_01.jpgDaniel Ross SJ, the Coordinator for Higher Education in the Jesuit Chinese Province (ajcueao@mac.com) is looking for a Jesuit who might be ready to teach for a limited period in Sun Yat Sen University, which is ranked number 8 in China and is the top school in the southern part of the country. In China it is very unusual to find specific requests for Jesuits to teach and even more unusual for them to specify that this is due to our traditional Jesuit emphasis on liberal arts and humanism.  For the background to this request, read Daniel’s note below.

For the past three plus years I have been working with the director of the Institute for Overseas Programs at Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, China. This director says he knows little about the church and the Society, but is very impressed by the Society’s history in education.  In the past he has asked me to introduce U.S. Jesuits or other native English-speaking Jesuits particularly with a background  in history, social sciences or related subjects to teach courses in English reading and writing at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level as well as courses in cultural studies (history and religion).

We have had a Jesuit from Regis University in Denver on the Zhuhai campus of SYSU for two years and has been very well accepted. He will return to Regis at the end of this school year. A U.S.  Jesuit will come to the same campus next school year to teach Spanish and Spanish culture. We are hoping to have two or three Jesuits on that campus  this coming school year so that there can be something of a community life.

If we cannot find a Jesuit for this I would hope to find a lay faculty member at one of our Jesuit schools.  This position is open to those teaching at the secondary level and a Ph.D. is not required. SYSU does ask that the teacher be 60 years or younger – the retirement age in most schools in China. The salary and living conditions at the university are quite adequate. Because it  takes a little while to get the necessary paper work done we need to provide a candidate as soon as possible.