‘Give the Spirit the mike’

November 17, 2021 in Featured News, Featured Podcasts, News

‘Synodality’, says Brian Grogan SJ, is a complex word for the simple concept of “walking and talking together”, in the presence of the Spirit.

He himself is engaged in such walking and talking – or what he calls “Spirit-led conversations” with people from various dioceses in Ireland and Great Britain. This is part of the preparation for the Synod in Rome in 2023 and the national synod in Ireland planned for 2025.

Brian  describes his work in this second part of an interview on synodality, with Pat Coyle, Irish Jesuit Communications, entitled “Give the Spirit the mike!”

Click here to listen to the first interview on Vademecum (Come with me), the latest document from the Vatican just issued as part of the preparation for the synod on Synodality in 2023.  It’s the official handbook for listening and discernment in local churches. The first phase of this process is from October 21- April 22.