Belvedere Board Honours Jesuits with Hand-written book

June 5, 2012 in 2006

Jesuit Provincial Fr. John Dardis will be presented with a hand-written manuscript by the Board of Management of Belvedere College as a testament to the legacy of the Jesuits to Belvedere since 1832. The manuscript is in the format of a book and contains a vellum page for every year of Jesuit service there. It includes the names of all priests, brothers, scholastics and their professional duties in the college from 1832 until the present day. This information, recorded originally in Latin in the annual calendars of the Jesuit Order in Ireland, has been translated into English for the book which was beautifully hand-written in italic script by two calligraphers. The manuscript, which also has hand-drawn illustrations, was bound in Mucros Conservation Binding in Kerry in a fine leather archival calfskin binding. According to Fiona Fitzsimons, who managed the project for Eneclann, “We took the view that we were creating a historical artifact using some of the best craftsmanship and the finest hand-made materials available in this country”.

“The manuscript is a fitting testament of recognition and thanks to the Jesuits for their long years of hard work and dedication to the school and its pupils,” according to Mr Gerard Foley, Headmaster of Belvedere. “The book itself is also a work of art and a testament to some ancient and very beautiful crafts hard-hit by this technological era.”

Belvedere College is one of Dublin’s most well-known schools, producing such famous pupils as James Joyce, Kevin Barry, Ollie Campbell, Tony O Reilly, Cardinal Desmond Connell, former Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald and Fr John Dardis, Irish Jesuit Provincial.