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February 12, 2013 in 2013

Pioneers call on people to drink less during Lent

The CEO of the Pioneers Association, Mr. Padraig Brady, is calling on people to abstain or reduce their alcohol consumption during Lent.

Speaking this Ash Wednesday, 13 February, Mr. Brady said, “Many people nowadays are concerned that they are drinking too much.  And recent television programmes have highlighted the often unhealthy attitude we have to alcohol in our country.  Many young people are binge drinking on a regular basis. The odd glass of wine for adults has become a daily habit or the couple of pints in the pub are now four or five.”

Padraig Brady said he believed that many people would like to do something about their habitual drinking but needed a bit of support. “I’ve spoken to parents who are concerned about the example they may be setting for their children by the way they drink and  this Lent can be a great opportunity for people collectively to support each other and make the effort to either cut back or abstain altogether from alcohol.”

According to Ray O’Connor, (photo attached), Pioneer and co-coordinator of the Pioneer Lenten campaign,

“Lent gives us a chance to reflect about our own drinking habits and to discuss honestly with family and friends the way we use or abuse alcohol. The six weeks of Lent provide a good length of time for people to really make a change for the better in their drinking, if they need to. And that’s much easier to do if you feel you’re not on your own but have the support of friends, relatives or other people who see the value in cutting down on alcohol. Taking  part in initiatives like this can make a real change for  the better in our society, which has suffered seriously in so many ways from alcohol and drug abuse”.

 The Pioneers have over 100,000 members North and South, young and old. They have a long and distinguished history and according to CEO Padraig Brady, “Pioneers are not anti-drink but members do take a lifelong pledge not to drink alcohol. They do so in the hope that this sacrifice and their prayers can help build a society where people live to their full potential and alcohol can be enjoyed in moderation. We want to help create a healthy society, avoiding all the ills that arise from the excessive use and abuse of drink.”

Watch short video here: http://vimeo.com/44523472

Website: http://www.pioneerassociation.ie



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