A glimpse of McVerry

November 1, 2013 in News
rte 01

rte 01

You may have noticed Peter McVerry’s handsome face in this newsletter more often than other faces. That is because we want a prophet to be recognised in his own country. Turn to the RTE Player to get a strong… sense of what this prophet means.

It is a remarkable interview with Gay Byrne on the meaning of life. It will resonate with anybody who has witnessed in themselves an unease with the rule-making religion of our childhood. At no stage is Peter quoting books or other people (apart from Jesus Christ). He is speaking simply from the happiness he experiences in his own vocation. When Gay asks him how he prays, Peter’s answer is: I sit there and say Thank you.

Gay is nearly always a good interviewer; here he is on top of his craft, encouraging, responsive, and asking questions that lead to wonderful insights. Go watch.