‘On yer bike’ and do some good

March 27, 2024 in Featured News, News

Irish Jesuits International in Dublin is appealing to people this Easter to ‘get on their bikes’ and do some fundraising to help buy bikes for teachers in South Sudan. They want the public to support teachers there who must travel long distances by foot to teach their pupils. Those pupils may be in schools, grass huts, or simply in the shade of sheltering trees.

The IJI team says that a bicycle bought locally in Sudan costs €150. “By sponsored cycles or fundraising events, this April and May, we hope to provide as many bikes as possible to teachers and farmers that need them for World Bicycle Day in June!”

For those who don’t cycle IJI has some words of reassurance. “Don’t worry if cycling isn’t for you. There are other ways to get involved and fundraise from sponsored walks, raffles or bake sales!”

Teaching as a profession, is not something most aspire to in places like South Sudan, according to IJI who says that government pay to teachers is very low, and it’s common for them to go three or four months without any pay at all. “Classrooms are packed with eager students and resources to teach them are very little. This campaign is about supporting passionate teachers doing the best they can to give children the stepping stones to a brighter future. You can do something amazing for others this Easter and save on petrol too!”

The team says that all the money raised will not only provide teachers in South Sudan, Malawi and Kenya with a bicycle to help shorten long journeys to students but will it also provide farmers the means to bring produce to markets or transport clay for stove production and cottage industries.

For more information on the campaign and to find out how you can get involved visit here »