‘Building together’ – Peter McVerry Trust

April 5, 2022 in Featured News, News

Leading DIY, hardware and homeware group, Homevalue has announced an innovative new collaboration and partnership with Peter McVerry Trust for the year 2022. As part of the charity partnership, Homevalue will support Peter McVerry Trust across a number of initiatives, including the supply of hardware, materials, and resources at a national and local level, as well as with financial contributions and support from over 90 local Homevalue stores, throughout the year 2022.

A key focus of the partnership will see Homevalue supporting Peter McVerry Trust Learning Centres and their work with Junior Certificate students in accessing products, hardware, resources, and expertise as part of their studies.

Peter McVerry Trust operates two specialist Learning Centres, which support [Junior Certificate] students through the delivery of high-quality educational programmes. The Learning Centres facilitate access to education for young people who cannot access mainstream educational resources due to their personal circumstances, for example the need for further learning support, educational, emotional, social, or behavioural challenges. Homevalue will help to provide improved access to tools, hardware, and materials for Junior Certificate woodwork students, improving their overall learning experience and access to equipment in the woodwork room.

Beyond education, Homevalue stores nationally will further provide supports and materials to Peter McVerry Trust for new housing developments and the refurbishment of homes for people exiting homelessness and at risk of homelessness.

Peter McVerry Trust is directly involved in the building of, and refurbishment of houses and homes and is one of the fastest growing providers of social housing in the State. The partnership will see Peter McVerry Trust developments work with local stores to access raw materials, hardware, and stock as they work to tackle homelessness throughout Ireland.

Homevalue will also be supporting Peter McVerry Trust in the development and maintenance of their Mindfulness Garden allowing participants to upgrade and care for their garden throughout the year and ensuring access for service users to a key space for the organisation.

Speaking about the charity partnership, Paul Candon, CEO of United Hardware, trading as Homevalue, commented: “We’re delighted to announce Peter McVerry Trust as our charity partner for the year 2022. We’re highly supportive of Peter McVerry Trust and their ambition and commitment to tackling homelessness in Ireland.

“We hope that our partnership can be a natural fit in terms of what we have to offer via supplies and resources of hardware, as they continue their incredible journey as one of the fastest growing suppliers of social housing in Ireland. Further, we’re delighted to support them in their work to facilitate and cater for the educational needs of young people. We’re very excited by this partnership and looking forward to undertaking the various fundraising initiatives locally, and getting our stores involved.”

Finally, throughout 2022, Homevalue will be fundraising for Peter McVerry Trust through the activation of their 91 stores, with staff participating in a number of fundraising initiatives organised at a national and local level. Local stores will all host their own ‘fundraising challenges’ as well as participation in the Peter McVerry Trust Cycle that will take place on 17 September 2022 and Golf Classic, 6 May.

Welcoming the news, Pat Doyle, CEO of Peter McVerry Trust, said:

“We’re very happy to partner with Homevalue in 2022 and look forward to seeing the many ways in which we can work together to support people impacted by homelessness in Ireland. Fundraising remains a challenge in the charity sector, but we’re grateful to be working with Homevalue with an innovative approach which will see them share with us, several resources aligned with our needs as a provider of social housing and homeless services in Ireland.

“We look forward to growing this relationship, and we’re grateful of the opportunity to work together, and to help support individuals through education, access to resources and hardware, and the maintenance of our mindfulness garden, which are all very important elements of our work at Peter McVerry Trust.”

Meanwhile, Pat Doyle was interviewed on FM104 on 4 April 2022 with regard to turning the sod on a new social housing complex in Dublin City. He said:

“Eleven of the twelve units we’re bringing in in this scheme will be one beds… We’re delighted – twelve new apartments giving the key to the door to 12 homeless households. A really really great day for us.”

The apartments will be built on a site on Shaw Street in the south inner city that has been lying idle for years as part an urban regeneration strategy.