GC35 photographs

January 12, 2008 in General, News

Aula_076.jpgA number of photographs by Wisconsin Jesuit Don Doll have been made available to Jesuit publications. In some of them, the Irish Electors, John Dardis and Jim Corkery, can be seen at their places as the Congregation begins a session with a prayer at which two of the Dublin-based tertians assist.

cgc35_sd2.jpgAmong the images in a slideshow by Tom Rochford, communications secretary at the Jesuit Curia in Rome, are two of the current Dublin Tertians group. Vlastimil Dufka conducted the choir for the event and Dominic Robinson of the British Province sings the solo that forms the background to the presentation.

cgc35_dr.jpgYou can see the slide show and other details of GC35 at the Creighton University website.