JCC multimedia splash

September 23, 2009 in General, News

jes_web_01The Jesuit Communication Centre has made a raft of rich media relating to Fr Adolfo Nicolás’s visit available on the new Jesuit.ie. As well as news stories, the homepage currently showcases a photo-story of the visit as well as a video clip of part of Garry O’Sullivan’s interview with the Father General for the Irish Catholic. Also, by using the top-bar menu (‘Podcasts‘), visitors can access and play audio files of both Fr Nicolás’s homily and his address on education, both in Limerick; and they can download PDFs of a number of the addresses which the Father General delivered during his visit (click on ‘Documents‘ in top-bar menu). Other resources are made available offsite, in the Irish Jesuit pages on various social networking websites. Most notable, there are many photos of the visit in Flickr. More of all these media will be uploaded shortly.