Jesuit Missions famine appeal

July 19, 2011 in General, News

drought_01_0As many countries in East Africa face into famine once again, the Jesuit Mission Office have launched  an emergency appeal to help those facing hunger and starvation in crisis stricken countries. Justin Kilcullen of Trocaire is in Somalia with former Irish President Mary Robinson. He said today, Tuesday 19 July, that the country is in a terrible state. He met families who had walked seventy miles, sittting exhausted, unable to speak  just waiting for help. Kenya and Ethiopia are also in trouble, he said, adding that if international communities made a concerted effort, disaster could be avoided. Donations to the Jesuit Mission Office can be made online at and the money will be sent to the Jesuit Province of East Africa, which includes Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia.