Lent challenge launches strongly

February 21, 2018 in News

The 10-Minute Lent Challenge kicked off at the Galway Centre of Spirituality and Culture last week. “There was a great buzz around the place,” according to Eddie Cosgrove, the director of the centre, when everyone gathered for the opening night last Thursday. ”When students from NUIG are knocking on our door wanting to take part in the challenge we feel we have struck a chord”.

Eddie was interviewed about the challenge by Wendy Grace on her morning show on Spirit Radio, and Moira McDowall will be talking on the Leap of Faith Program on Friday 23 February at 10pm on RTE radio 1. Speaking about his Spirit Radio interview, Eddie commented, “We had a great chat about the value of being guided in prayer and what it means to be a spiritual guide”.

Each person on the challenge spends 10 minutes on a spiritual practice of their choice and meets with their guide once a week for a half hour check-in.