MPG in three continents

October 27, 2009 in General, News

mpg_01While Michael Paul Gallagher is settling into his role as Rector of the Bellarmino in Rome, he is doing a bit on the side. Having addressed New Zealand educators by video-conferencing link from Dublin, he flew to Winnepeg, Canada, to give the Hanley lectures on Our Religious Imagination, in St Paul’s College. His titles are intriguing: ‘The retrieval of a Cinderella’; ‘Imagination: the convergence of recognition’; ‘Faith as re-imagining’. Back in Rome he is preparing for an Interface Conference for Young Theologians in Maynooth, with the keynote lecture on 6 November. So Michael Paul continues to pursue his special interest in the frontier areas of theology, seeking to relate faith to secular culture, to art, to imagination and literature.