Short Notices

October 28, 2008 in General, News
  • marathon_01b.jpgTwo entrants from Leeson Street ran the Dublin Marathon. For Terry Walsh SJ, a 57-year-old New England Jesuit who teaches philosophy in Heythrop College, London, this was his 14th Marathon; for Damien Burke, Jesuit archivist, his first. Both completed the course under four hours. Damien finished in the top sixth, Terry in the top quarter of the 12,000 runners. The photograph shows Terry in Fitzwilliam Street limbering up for the start.
  • To mark the 150th Anniversary of the completion of Cardinal Newman’s seven-year service to Irish education, a special Mass of Commemoration will be offered in University Church, St Stephen’s Green, on Tuesday, 11th November 2008 at 6.30p.m. Bishop Leo O’Reilly will preside and preach.
  • Bill Johnston was moved recently to Loyola House, a Jesuit nursing unit in Tokyo. Because of a slight fever, he is mostly in bed. He has a good colour and recognizes people, and the insertion of a pacemaker seems to have helped. Sometimes he is able to say a few words that are intelligible, but he still cannot eat or drink.
  • The Cherryfielders would be particularly glad of visitors in these days of settling in to the still unfinished building. Entrance is via the Gonzaga avenue – plenty of parking space there.


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