Medal for Micheál

November 3, 2009 in General, News

mmcgreil_01Archbishop Michael Neary, on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI, awarded the prestigious Pro Eccelesia et Pontifice Medal to An t-Athair Micheál Mac Gréil at a ceremony in the Episcopal Palace, Tuam, on October 27th. Speaking in Irish and English, the Archbishop outlined the extraordinary service given on so many fronts by an tAthair Micheál. The Archbishop has seen for himself Micheál’s prodigious work as a lecturer in sociology in Maynooth, the comprehensive survey of religious practice he carried out in his home diocese of Tuam, and his Trojan efforts as Chairperson of the Pioneer Association. Minister for the Gaeltacht Eamonn O Cuiv paid tribute to Micheál’s tireless efforts to have the Western Rail Corridor re-opened, as well as his dedication to the revival of our native language.