Studies’ role in shaping modern Ireland

November 3, 2009 in General, News

studies_01Studies, the long established Jesuit Journal, was the subject of an interesting discussion on Andy O’Mahony’s Off the Shelf programme on RTE Radio 1 , Sat 31 Oct ’09.  The panel, economist Fionola Kennedy and historian Tom Garvin, were examining Bryan Fanning’s latest book ‘ The Quest for Modern Ireland: Battle of Ideas, 1912-86. There, the historian explores the intellectual debate that shaped 20th century Ireland as featured in journals such as Studies, The Bell, Christus Rex and The Crane Bag. He argues that after Independence these journals were engaged in a “nation-building project” with  education as the central concern. Studies, he argues, was to the fore in paving the way for a shift of focus on education that was cultural and religious to one with a more economic objective.