Short notices

February 10, 2009 in General, News
  • road_home_01b.jpgThe ‘Movies that Matter’ series in Manresa will continue this week (Wednesday 11 February at 7.30pm) with The Road Home, a Chinese film centred on the return of a city businessman to his rural home for the burial of his father. All are welcome.
  • The Annual Belvedere Union Retreat will be held this year at Manresa House on March 6th and 7th and will be conducted by Fr. Michael Gallagher SJ. Full details and booking form are available on the Union website.
  • David Coghlan, Edmond Grace and Michael McGuckian are planning a retreat based on the SJ Constitutions in the Manresa tertianship, 15-24 July. It will be a silent retreat, with a morning talk linking Constitutions and the Exercises, and an optional period of shared reflection in the evening. The retreatants themselves will produce the talks. If interested, contact [email protected] or David or Edmond.
  • Latest on Fr Bill Johnston SJ: Not much change in his condition, but he is now taking food by mouth as opposed to nasal feeding. He is also benefiting from being with other Jesuits and in familiar surroundings as the home is next to the theologate where he taught for many years.


11 Feb: Meetings from 9am-6pm
12 Feb: Meetings from 8am-5pm
13-16 Feb: Joint Consult