Short notices

April 20, 2010 in General, News
  • jowel_01The World Aid Society in UCD is funding the university studies of a young Liberian woman, Jowel Harris. Leon Ó Giolláin SJ, chaplain in UCD, promoted her case, and hopes it will become a paradigm for other such stories. Irish students responded to the plight of Jowel, made pregnant at fifteen and then abandoned. It highlights how privileged we are in access to education and all the prospects it opens up.
  • The Ash Cloud has stranded three Jesuits far from home: Donal Neary in Barcelona, Peter Sexton in Rome, Conall Ó Cuinn in Poland, and, sadly, Gerry Clarke in Kampala, Uganda, delayed from attending his sister Mary’s funeral. Next weekend’s Manresa conference for Jesuit Webmasters has been called off.


20-25 April: On visitation to Liverpool, Birmingham and London