Venice Workshop revisits big questions

February 12, 2008 in News

workshop01.jpgThe Venice Workshop on Faith and Politics held in August 2006 was so inspiring that it is being reprised this year. From 24-31 August 2008, a group of young Europeans (aged 18-35) will gather at the Campo dei Gesuiti, Venice, Italy, and contribute to a workshop about politics as a Christian calling and about “faith as a means of holding on to your enthusiasm and your integrity in that calling”. For more information, contact Edmond Grace SJ, one of the organisers, at [email protected] or phone 00353(0)86-8160749.

In Edmond’s words: “Politics, in the widest sense of the term, begins with a question: ‘What can be done?’ People look at the world in which they live and they wonder, but if they go beyond the question to actually do something, they will face a powerful challenge. They will at times be discouraged and frustrated. There will be painful and complex choices.” So much to talk about…