Taoiseach prays to Jesuit priest

May 16, 2012 in 2008

Outgoing Taoiseach Bertie Ahern concluded his final Dáil session with a quote from the renowned saintly Jesuit, Fr John Sullivan. Mr Ahern urged that life be taken “in instalments” and that each day be a new beginning: “Let the past go. Now let me do whatever I have the power to do.”

Mr Ahern has been a regular attendee at services in St.Francis Xavier’s Church, Gardiner Street, where Fr. Sullivan’s tomb is a centre of devotion and prayer.

Fr. John Sullivan SJ who died in 1933, had a reputation for holiness and healing and the cause for his canonisation was formally begun in 2002. There are those alive today who claim to have had miraculous cures thorough the intercession of Fr Sullivan and many people come to Gardiner Street be blessed with his cross and visit his tomb. 

Every third Saturday of the month there is a special thanksgiving Mass for the life of Fr Sullivan SJ in the chapel and a blessing with the crucifix he held as he died.