Kevin Hargaden

Exploring a just wage

April 9, 2024

The latest 'Working Notes' from the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice explores the nature of a 'just wage' and how it might be implemented.

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Ireland’s most vulnerable groups

September 26, 2023

'Unheard Voices: Irish Travellers and the Struggle for Social Justice', is the theme of the latest edition of Working Notes published by the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice.

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“Your clothes are stained with our blood”

June 28, 2023

Dr Kevin Hargaden of the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice was shocked by what he learnt at a conference in Bangladesh, exploring the idea of a 'just wage' there.

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‘The Parish as Oasis’

December 7, 2022

How to beat 'climate despair' personally and in community with practical suggestions for environmental care. Ciara Murphy and Kevin Hargaden explain.

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Surprise in store for secular Europe

September 7, 2022

After directing the Faith and Politics week for young adults, Dr Kevin Hargaden (JCFJ) had to abandon an unfavourable assumption.

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Autumn 2022 Catalogue: Messenger Publications

August 22, 2022

New books cover topics such as prayer and scripture reflection, care for our common home, and the lives of inspirational Christians.

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Fighting war with peace

March 11, 2022

KEVIN HARGADEN :: Killing Russians might stop the war, but it can’t make the peace. Non-violent resistance is often effective – and always true.

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Rocketing to nowhere

July 27, 2021

KEVIN HARGADEN :: Jeff Bezos's latest 'flight of fancy' is just the most recent expression of the crazy consequences of neoliberal individualism

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‘Feed the Beast’

July 14, 2021

Poet and theologian Pádraig O'Tuama speaks to Pat Coyle about his experience of being Christian, gay and exorcised

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What is the real cost of debt?

July 7, 2021

The June 2021 issue of 'Working Notes' tackles the thorny subject of debt in theory, in theology, and in its concrete manifestations

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