‘Ethical Resistance in Turbulent Times’

February 21, 2023 in Featured News, News

Titus Brandsma: ‘Ethical Resistance in Turbulent Times’ was the title of a lecture jointly hosted by the Loyola Institute Trinity College Dublin and the Irish Province of the Carmelite Order, (O’Carm) on Wednesday 15 February 2023. You can watch it here ».

St Titus, was a Dutch Carmelite priest, noted for his resistance to the Nazis during the second world war. He was arrested and transported to Dachau concentration camp, where he died in 1942. He was canonised in 2022.

Fr. Fernando Millán Romeral O. Carm (an expert on Brandsma, based in Madrid), delivered the lecture, drawing attention to different aspects of the saint’s life: as an academic administrator, helping to found a university; as a commentator on Carmelite mysticism, as a journalist; as someone with a passionate interest in drawing people together. His own physical frailty contrasted with the steadfast courage that he showed in the face of evil.

Fr Millán’s lecture drew an audience of about 150 people to the Trinity venue, including many from the Carmelite family in celebration of their most recent saint. There was lively engagement among those gathered regarding the courageous life of St Titus’ at the reception before the lecture.