Words, words, words

May 12, 2009 in General, News

books_01.jpgClassical Jesuit education aimed at giving the learner a copia verborum, an ample supply of words. That tradition is still strong. It is hard to pinpoint any time in the Province’s history when so much was being published. The last three months have seen five books brought out by Irish Jesuits: Brian Lennon (Armagh) on forgiveness; Gerry O’Hanlon (Cherry Orchard) on God and the Recession; Kevin Laheen (Leeson Street) on Tullabeg; Stephen Redmond (NCR) on Christian witnesses; and (tonight) Todd Morrissey (Manresa) on John Sullivan. That is only the start of it.When you add to that the regular issues of the Sacred Heart Messenger, Timire, Studies, Milltown Studies, Interfuse and Working Notes, the weekly online publication of AMDG Express, the monthly Update and the daily Sacred Space – nobody can accuse the Jesuits of singing dumb. The latest additions are a handsome newsletter from the Mission Office, and Fergus O’Donoghue’s daily blog, a distinctive commentary on the affairs of the day, which is still struggling for a place in the public forum, and the recognition that comes when a raft of commentators are engaging with Fergus.