From Tyrol to Cave Hill

May 10, 2011 in General, News

easter_mass_01The Jesuits in Wimbledon College taught the boys to head their exercises with AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam), and to end with LDS (Laus Deo Semper). It was touching to see that good habit persisting in the despatch of Michael Fisher, a well-known journalist working in N.Ireland, a graduate of both Wimbledon College and Dublin’s Gonzaga. He was reporting on the 3-month service of an Austrian Jesuit tertian, Bruno Niederbacher, to the large parish of St Brigid on Belfast’s Malone Road. Bruno’s contribution, including a week of guided prayer and much sacramental ministry, was greatly appreciated by this vibrant parish,  particularly during Lent and the Easter ceremonies. Our picture shows him celebrating the Easter Sunday dawn Mass beside the River Lagan, attended by around 150 parishioners.